16 May 2016

Fantasy eSports with League of Legends and DraftKings

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League of Legends on DraftKings is a competition which features professional video gamers playing against each other, organized into teams, and with payouts steadily increasing every year. Some of these gaming events will even be broadcast in the present year, both through live streaming and on television.

The competition through DraftKings allows you to choose your favorite video gamers, and develop a lineup which competes either in small games or large tournaments, to win real money, depending on how your video gamers fare in the competition. The first format for DraftKings competition has been League of Legends, which is an arena game that has competitors battling over objectives on the map, striving to boost their characters to higher levels, and to destroy the opponent’s base of operations. Here’s the basic idea behind play:
League of Legends on DraftKings – Rules of Engagement

1 ) Choose a contest type – First of all, players have to select the type of contest they want to enter. This can either be a huge tournament with thousands of players, or head-to-head competition where you get paid if you beat your lone opponent

2 ) Select a team – All the pro video gamers play for teams, just like real sports figures, and competition usually is setup as a best-of series, with the winner taking home the cash. Team owners start with the standard $50,000 payroll salary cap, so your total salary for all players cannot exceed this figure.

Eight players must be selected to complete your roster for competition. In League of Legends, this means you will be choosing the following player types:
1 Top Laner (TOP)
1 Jungler (JNG)
1 mid-lamer (MID)
1 ad-carry (ADC)
1 support (SUP)
2 Flex (which can be chosen from any of the 5 other roles)
1 Team

3 ) Accumulate points – points are earned in many ways, including big kills and assists. With more than 10 kills or assists, bonus points are also awarded to competitors. Extra points can also be earned by a competitor who wins early, thereby negating the need for playing all scheduled games. Teams can earn points in competition for dragons, first bloods, barons, turrets, and wins that take less than 30 minutes. Non-played games for a winning player in a competition series earn an additional 20 points for every game which did not have to be played.

4 ) Player rosters – the top players are the ones who command the greatest salaries naturally enough, and that means if you choose more than one of these top video gamer, you’ll need to fill out your roster with mostly lesser-known players, and take your chances on their competition performance.  Another strategy might be to build a roster consisting entirely of more or less equivalent players, and hope for breakout wins during competition. This is where a great deal of the fun and strategizing take place in League of Legends – before actual competition even starts.