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Fantasy Pros Review: The Must-Use Tool For Season Long Domination!


When you’re looking for fantasy baseball advice, look no further than FantasyPros this season. It’s by far one of the best websites out there for people to use for the Fantasy Baseball Season. This is because FantasyPros lays all the information out for people to see before they place their bets, such as projections calculators, draft rankings, and lots of advice on who to draft for the upcoming baseball season.

You’ll even get to compare one player to another to get the most accurate picks to find out who’s going to be a bust or a sleeper on your team. Plus, they’re in-depth on the topics that matter; getting you expert advice when you need it most. In comparison to other draft websites, FantasyPros is the clear winner. It provides must-use and highly functional tools through an easy-to-use interface that’s important when you’re trying to make the most out of your time.

In this article I’ll highlight some of the features that really make FantasyPros  my stand out tool, and why I think you should give the site a try.

FantasyPro’s Waiver Wire Assistant Puts You In the Driver Seat

It’s tough to pick players outside of your favorite teams, and you’re probably too busy to hand-pick every single free agent on the market to fill out your team, so FantasyPro offers features that do the work for you, providing all of the best options to meet your needs. You’ll get all the facts and statistics that you need to build your team exactly how you want it, importing leagues from anywhere (Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS) for free, and they even provided cheat sheets on the available players in my league to choose from.

What really stood out about this feature was that it helped me make my choices based on the current roster, not something I had just Google searched for. Experts compiled all the statistics to make sure that each athlete was ranked according to their performance by a pantheon of experts. I could rank them after that to remember what I had read, as well as get information for Spot Play (games this week) and the overall long term pick ups that I had to look forward to.This tool was only available through their premium service, but I think the site is the best one out there, so I have no problem being a member. This tool alone helped me make better choices in my league with start/sit assistants, trade assistants, multiple player comparisons, and more.

This tool was only available through their premium service, but I think the site is the best one out there, so I have no problem being a member. This tool alone helped me make better choices in my league with start/sit assistants, trade assistants, multiple player comparisons, and more.

Lots of Features to Help You Win More Each Game

There are a lot of excellent features on this site that really stand out, especially the ones that let you create a mock draft and get your team ironed out for the season. All you have to do is use the handy draft wizard tool, create a fake league, assign fake league members and your draft position.

After you’ve drafted out all of the players, you’ll see where you stand against a robot’s random picks. This way, you get to see what your options are, and how much a player will benefit your overall score. If you’re unhappy with the results, you can revert back to a different pick and see how it works out for you.

The Draft Wizard and Waiver Wire Assistant will easily pay for themselves, but If you aren’t interested in paying for the subscription, FantasyPros has enough free features to get you started playing (that we’ve had to pay for on other sites).

Some of the best free tools on the market.

-Draft Rankings
-Auction Calculators
-Cheat Sheet Simulators
-Draft Analyzers
-Draft Assistants
-Match Up Information


All of this content is high quality and easy to understand, so it doesn’t bog you down. At the same time, you’ll be pleasantly overwhelmed with everything you learn. This is because FantasyPros is one of the only sites on the net that does the research for you to get your season off on the right foot.

Customized Player News and Advice

FantasyPros sticks out like a diamond in the rough because all of the content is relevant to me. I didn’t have to struggle with the layout of the site, and I was able to look into the features that the site had to offer, like the Start or Sit feature that shows you how the experts feel about each player, as well as customized updates, articles, and intrinsic analysis of current statistics. The information is updated daily and canvases seven different authoritative websites to stay up to date with lineups, value plays, and scores.

Some of the best tools that I’ve found for advice on FantasyPros

-ROS Projections
-Top 400 MLB Prospects
-Closer Reports
-Weekly Projections
-Player Rankings
-Trade Analyzers
Probable Pitchers: must use!
probpitchers-Lineup Assistants
-MLB Rankings Directory
-Expert Platform (to help with drafting)
-Responsive Customer Service to Answer Questions

In Conclusion: FantasyPro’s Fantasy Baseball Draft Service is Hard to Beat

There are a lot of different draft sites on the net, and I feel like I’ve tried them all. FantasyPro offered the best balance of functionality, fun, and opportunity that I’ve found. Memberships are affordable, and I’ve always found a deal (for example, I created a DraftKings account, deposited $10 dollars, and got the premium feature free). Otherwise, the premium services average about $35.

Most of the other content is free, and definitely worth a visit to fantasypros to improve your draft game. What you’ll find is a user-friendly interface that gives you the information that you need and none that you don’t. I give FantasyPros.com a 5 out of 5; it’s a great resource for both experts and beginners to Fantasy MLB Baseball.