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For the baseball week beginning April 11th, a couple things should jump right out at you and be taken advantage of, if at all possible. First of all, practically everybody on the Detroit Tigers is hitting well, with almost the entire line up batting well over .300, so if there’s any way you can play some of those red-hot Tiger hitters, get them in the lineup while the streak lasts.

Another good idea comes from the San Diego Padres’ Petco Park, where run-scoring is normally at a minimum, but so far this season has been even scarcer. This would be a good time to put one of your lesser starting pitchers in the lineup against San Diego, and hope that the no-scoring trend holds true. Now for some specific player positions that you should pay attention to:

Pitcher – how about James Shields pitching for the Padres against the Giants? If you don’t have him, Madison Bumgarner would be a good value as well, since nobody is scoring at Petco Park

CatcherRussell Martin of the Blue Jays, playing against the Orioles. Martin has been off to a slow start this season, but that can’t last, and he’s a hitter with a solid career batting average.

First baseJoey Votto of the Reds, versus the St. Louis Cardinals. Votto has been on a tear with three homers and eight RBIs already this season, so bet on him to continue the hot hitting against the Cards.

Second baseDJ LeMahieu of the Rockies versus the Chicago Cubs. Hitting well over 400, LeMahieu is red hot coming into this week, and he’s worth another start to see if it continues.

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ShortstopJosé Iglesias from the Detroit Tigers, playing the Cleveland Indians. Batting ninth in the order, Iglesias is hitting a cool .600, and he’s one of those Tigers who’s tearing up the league at the moment.

Third-base Josh Donaldson of the Blue Jays versus Baltimore. Donaldson has been one of the hottest hitting Jays so far this season, and he is the reigning MVP of the American League.

Outfield Lorenzo Cain for the Kansas City Royals versus the LA Angels. Even though Cain is a bit of a free swinger, he has definitely developed into a very good hitter, and he’s red-hot to start the season.

OutfieldAnthony Gose of the Detroit Tigers versus Cleveland. Another one of those red-hot Detroit Tiger hitters who was hitting the ball at a ridiculous rate right out of the gate this year.

OutfieldJohn Jay of the Cardinals versus the Cincinnati Reds. Jay is off to a somewhat slow start, but he’s a good value at his price, and he figures to heat up against Cincinnati pitching, which he has feasted on in the past.