Top Fantasy Baseball Sleepers for May
14 May 2016

Top Fantasy Baseball Sleepers for May

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The great thing about playing sleepers in your fantasy lineup is that they usually cost less than established stars, so you can fly under the radar to some extent at least, and maybe sneak up on your opponent with some real value players they weren’t expecting. Here are some good value sleepers you may want to put in your lineup in May to see if you can steal a game or two.

Carlos Rodon – the starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox has been steadily decreasing the number of walks allowed, which bodes well for his control, and his ability to manage opposing batters. For the time being, he lacks the big-name hype of an established player, but if his recent body of work continues to improve, that won’t last for long.

Byron Buxton – the Minnesota Twins outfielder is very fleet of foot, which can account for a number of steals, and for legging out infield base hits, and maybe even stretching singles into doubles or doubles into triples. He also appears to be hitting with more power, which could beef up his home run numbers.

Michael Conforto – he’s one of the youngest of the New York Mets outfielders at 23, but has already shown great early power, and even when he makes outs, he hits the ball hard and puts the ball in play. If some of those line drives start dropping in, his May average might really start to climb.

JT Realmudo – the Miami Marlins catcher has both power and speed, and could sneak up on a lot of people, so he’s definitely worth a play or two in May.

Lance McCullers – the Astros’ starting pitcher still has big-time skills and is generally under-valued, which makes him a good pick for the upcoming month

Addison Russell – the utility infielder for the Chicago Cubs has been batting near the bottom of the order, which tends to limit his at-bats and his opportunities for garnering hits and steals, but he has been making the most of his plate appearances, and is worth playing in May.

David Peralta – the Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder showed lots of power and speed last year with the team, and that has carried over into his play early this season. If it continues into May, he will be a steal on your fantasy team.

Randall Grichuk – the Cardinals outfielder clearly has tremendous power, although little of the big-name hype that some other stars around the league have. If he gets hot in May, he’ll bring you lots of value and maybe even carry your team.

Taijuan Walker – this starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners is another fireballing starter who uses sheer power to rack up loads of strikeouts, which can really add up to big points for your fantasy team.